In a post lockdown world, work has changed forever. So why haven’t workspaces?

Ex-head of Corporate Real Estate at BBC, Chris Kane is an expert in unlocking the value of spaces to make work a more efficient and rewarding place to be. Now, he’s written a book to explore some of the bold new solutions to workplace practices that could invigorate employee productivity, while trimming excess costs.


The property world can be adversarial. Suppliers of offices don’t always understand clients’ needs. Clients don’t always know how to get the best from their workspaces. Having operated as both client and supplier, in both the private and public sectors and as a non-executive director for a number of years, Chris Kane has a unique, 360º perspective on the issues affecting the property world. His expert advice and consultancy can enable stakeholders to get the most from their workplaces and property portfolios.


Governments around the world have set stringent environmental targets, yet commercial buildings have a huge carbon footprint. This is just one of the compelling reasons why we need to see the big picture and inspire change. Chris Kane’s presentations and thought-leadership pieces deliver a fresh perspective on how we work and suggest a way forward to rethink the built environment. The debate opens out to wider and more complex issues, including how we live, learn and play.

SmartSpaces & Places

With a wide-ranging experience working for a number of organisations both in the UK and globally, Chris can provide unique insights and learning to inform and inspire professionals in the office environment.

Smartspaces presents Chris’s latest articles and blogs on the 21st century workplace. From making workplaces more agile to the shift from fixed to fluid, explore some of the key trends through Chris’s thoughts and insight.

Six Ideas

SixIdeas is a community co-founded by Chris Kane to explore challenges and champion change for our clients.

We bring a unique perspective to workplace projects, avoiding the traditional management consulting approach to deliver practical and tangible transformation. From using working spaces as a catalyst to change, to optimising business performance and improving working lives, if you have a challenge, we will work with you to deliver a successful outcome.