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Aug 19, 2009

Dawn at Maseru


All this talk about our sometimes hot, sometimes not summer, reminded me of a remarkable experience I had when I made my trip to Lesotho in February 2009. On the last day of our visit I was up in time to catch the dawning of a new day.

Dawn at MaseruLooking back on that morning which marked the end to a memorable trip to Maseru I was struck by how beautiful the world is and whilst there is a lot of trouble and sadness around, one should take a minute to look around you to really see what’s going on – as I mentioned to my fellow traveller at the time the scene in the photograph has played out for millions of years and its still a picture to marvel at!

It was also a beautiful day here in White City today (a one day heatwave?) and we saw many staff catching some rays on the grass out front and on Network Central (the ‘pavement’ between White City and Media Centre), enjoying a picnic lunch and even playing some boules

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