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May 12, 2010

We are changing lives


Every now and then fate deals us a good card. Excellent sales of One Water across BBC catering outlets up to March mean that a third play pump can be set up to help communities in Malawi. One Water also has money left over to get well on the way to purchasing a fourth one! Thanks to all staff and visitors who have bought One Water for making this possible.

The playpumps use special technology so that while children have fun spinning on the playpump merry-go-round, clean water is pumped into a tank above ground.

I visited Lesotho last year and was enormously proud to see how this simple idea has completely changed the lives of people in these communities. I will be making a return trip to Malawi in July, along with Catering Manager Hilary Friel and Cutomer Service Director Kate Smith, to see first-hand the benefits that the new pumps will bring.

In preparation for the trip, Island Mastara from Media Village engineering has even been helping us with some language lessons – ‘zikomo’ Island! (Thank you!)

Well done to everyone who has supported the One Water initiative.

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