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Nov 1, 2010

Agility @ Work – the debate continues


I recently had the opportunity to attend a two day summit with my peers from 15 large organisations from across the world. It wasn’t your typical conference, but more of a highly focused series of workshops designed to achieve real insight on how we can add value to our respective organisations.

Facilitated by Unwired’s Philip Ross, and assisted by Barry Varcoe, the content was certainly very thought provoking. Whilst I agonised about taking this time out of a hectic timetable I truly found the trip valuable in a whole range of areas.  The debate and discussion enabled me to bring fresh perspective to the many challenges we face today in Workplace.

Let me start the discussion by posing key questions the summit grappled with. What is the future of work? What are we going to do with all the surplus office space?  How are we going to address the growing demands for organisations to act in a more responsible and environmentally friendly way? How can we reduce the tremendous waste in our supply chains? As consumers of buildings how can we get better value? BBC Workplace has a big responsibility in addressing these issues and more. Please do engage as I feedback further on this in the weeks ahead.

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