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Sep 3, 2013

Getting Back in the Groove


With the end of the summer one thinks about stuff that has been put on the long finger. For me, it’s the long delayed return to the world of blogging.

 Having started on this blogging lark in 2009 with my BBC Spaces and Places site I really caught the bug and got a lot out of regular posting. Now with a changed remit I plan to refocus on my weekly ramblings. I have also engaged with the wider world of social media and following in the footsteps with blogs such as Workessence, I have decided to re-enter the fray.

 Last November I handed over the reins of my old role at BBC Workplace in return for a part-time remit to maximise value from the smart value sale of Television Centre (TVC) in London. A key element of this is helping the BBC/Stanhope recreate TVC as a great place to visit, work and live.

 Over the summer months I have been reflecting a lot on how to ensure that the workspaces we create are truly fit for purpose and appropriate for the 21st century.  This has encouraged me to return to the world of blogging with an emphasis on seeking engagement with those involved with the smart use of spaces and places.

 I fundamentally believe that those of us responsible for operating and changing the built environment have a duty to the generations that follow us to do so in a sustainable manner.  So I have set myself the goal of seeking engagement via Smart Spaces & Places to try to make some sense of a range of questions that are buzzing around in my head.

 How do we make smarter use of the built environment?

Why is place making important?

What should we be focusing on when creating/designing new spaces?

What does a 21st  century workspace look like?

How can the consumer of space get value for money?

Is there a smart way of providing/supplying workspaces?

How is the changing nature of work going to impact workspaces and indeed the nature of places?

Where in the world can one find smart place making?

Where in the world can one find smart workspaces?

Who is thinking about these things?

Why should we care?

In embarking on this journey, I realise that I’m running blindfolded as there may be little interest in some of these topics! But if you don’t dip your toe in the water …

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