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Jun 17, 2014

Television Centre – what’s going on?


Walking around a building site has always fascinated me and over the years I have seen quite a few of them!   But actually living as part of the day to day construction effort brings even more insight into what is a complex and often misunderstood process.  One of my key areas of focus is to ensure the successful delivery of the new home for BBC Worldwide at Stanhopes Televisions Centre project.   The pace is now really building as upwards of 150 people working on seven different types of activity all use their skills to transform the former home of BBC News into a very different bulding.

The following photos show the process of installing a new central staircase the product of great British craftsmanship and engineering  – when fully installed it will look stunning. 


2014-06-11 07.56.39

Installing the new staircase


2014-06-12 15.00.39

different view of installation

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