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Jun 26, 2016

Postcard from the Edge #1



Travel broadens the mind it is said and given my recent walkabout of Australia and New Zealand I came across some remarkable insights.  Over the course of the coming weeks I plan to recount some of these experiences in a series of blogposts.

“Postcards from the Edge” is a phrase coined by my friend Chris Alcock who hosted me for the most part of this trip.  During our time together, we had the opportunity to look at things using the perspectives of an Australian and that of an Irishman.  It was interesting for the two of us to see how we, as individuals, viewed things such as the economy, politics and the world of work, workforce and workplace.  Take for example, many Antipodeans feel their homeland is on the edge of the world, a long way from where all the action is taking place and not having a long history.  I see things differently as I support the thinking behind Thomas Friedmans book the World is Flat.  This led to me to a debate with Chris asking him if he and a lot of his countrymen are looking at the world through the wrong end of the telescope?

Now that I’m starting my journey back from the edge, I leave filled with interesting insights having met loads of interesting people. There is a lot going on in this part of the world which those of us interested in spaces and places may find of interest.  Having visited five cities, toured 11 workplace operations and interacted with hundreds of people via three-CoreNet Global sessions; I’ve learnt a great deal and built a picture of what’s going on with the workplace agenda in this part of the globe (agile, flexible working, ABW, FWE).  One thing is for sure Activity Based Working is alive and thriving in the Anzac world.


Over the coming weeks I plan to send most postcards from the edge.


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