Advice to help reimagine the office space

Rethinking the business environment to unlock real value

Why do only 27% of the general public have a positive perception of the property sector?

Do workplaces still have a role to play in inspiring employees and increasing productivity?

How can developers and clients move beyond confrontation to consensus?

With a leasing system that harks back to the medieval era, the world of commercial real estate is way behind the curve. But office workers have already changed the game and now they’re changing the stadium. Agile and remote working are forcing the commercial real estate world to rethink and reset. It’s no longer about the workspace, but about the worker.

So how can developers offer new ways of working that support fluid workforces? And how can organisations make sure their working spaces meet employees’ needs? With over three decades’ experience as a workplace professional, Chris Kane acts as a special advisor to businesses and developers, offering solutions to some of their most difficult challenges.

From enabling businesses to address macro factors affecting office space, such as ongoing digital and behavioural change, to helping developers and investors come to terms with the systemic changes across the sector, Chris’s advice has proved invaluable to clients on both sides of the property equation.

Imagine what could be possible…

  • What if developers and investors could work together to create facilities designed around the end user?
  • In the era of remote working, can senior management and workers transform the workspace?
  • Can a business steal a march by shifting to a distributed property model?

How Chris Kane’s advice could help:

  • Gain a strategic perspective to understand the ecosystem within which your business operates
  • Receive insights from real-world examples and success stories from your peers
  • Take a smarter approach to how we use spaces and places, to enhance user happiness and productivity

Learn how you could start to rethink the office space to create new ways of working and living.

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