Advocacy to encourage new ways of working

We are seeing a shift from where we work to how we work, from fixed to fluid

Office work or WFH – or is it Work from Anywhere?

HR thinks people, finance thinks property – how to square the circle?

How can offices become more ‘human-shaped’?

Chris Kane has been questioning the role of the office and investigating new ways of how we organise work and life for a number of years. In a post lockdown world, the issues he has been raising are now more pressing than ever.

Demand is fundamentally changing and we need to stand back and see the wood for the trees. As an advocate for change and alternative scenarios, Chris offers workshops, presentations and seminars on how to move towards space as a service. By getting the mix right, he shows how workspaces can create delight and meaningful value.

Imagine what could be possible…

  • Commercial buildings could find ways to add environmental and social value
  • Internal support groups such as CRE, HR and IT could work together to support fluid and omni working
  • Workplaces could become a more sustainable legacy for future generations

How Chris Kane’s consultancy could help:

  • Seize the opportunity that space as a service and fluid working provide
  • Make the link between an engaged workforce and a well-run productive workspace for competitive advantage
  • Lead the way in creating spaces that add environmental and social value

Explore new ways to specify, build and use working spaces.

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