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May 30, 2014

Beyond the Workplace (#BtW) – something really is stirring!!



Building the Bridge of Understanding - People and Place

Building the Bridge of Understanding – People and Place

On Wednesday I witnessed something quite special – a group of people with authentic commitment and passion underpinned by decisive leadership. I came away from the first British Institure of Facilities Management (BIFM) Chartered Institure of Personnel and Development (CIPD) roundtable content in the knowledge that we had participated in a real dialogue on how we could jointly shape our understanding of the rapidly changing world of work, the workforce and the workplace.

Rather than try to distill an amazing couple of hours which over-ran due to everyone’s enthusiasm to nail a clear action plan – more of which in a later blog, here is in no particular order a cross section of the points raised by a wonderfully diverse group of people;-

Fusion of this effort could really change things
The future is all about helping people to connect and collaborate
The way we do work today is really broken
There are people out there who done really good work – lets celebrate this!
Its not all about the numbers (£)
CFO’s are not taught anything about running a facility or property stuff.
Try to give something back to society
How do we champion better work?
How can we bring more science and art to the discussion?
Organisations will get more porous
Problem solving communities are the way forward
Space has to optimise one’s whole working experience
Its OK to work like this
How do we build a human capital measure?
Its all about relevance
The business treats us as silos.
Legacy and what we leave behind for the generations that follow us should be a key consideration.

We’re now in the midst of shaping an action plan based on the very productive and positive exchanges of this roundtable. I was really pleased that we could come away with such a lot to consider. This would not have been possible without the initiative of BIFM and the courage of its leadership and that of the CIPD to engage with pace.

There’s a lot to consider and whilst it is recognised that we have fellow travellers who couldn’t be physically present and who are anxious for feedback please bear with us for a few days. Apart from feeding back with more detail, the next step is to firm up on a Statement of Beliefs and Action Plan by no later that end of next week.

So Beyond the Workplace (#BtW) is taking real shape with BIFM and CIPD as our founding partners we will reach out to engage with as many people as possible to seek their views, encourage participation in a “Big Conversation” and really start the process of building bridges of understanding…



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